Oscillate Wisely

by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

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released January 25, 2011



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Flannelgraph Records Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Bad Weather
I have electric veins, when bad weather came.
I have a haircut way, laid out for me.
Do you love me now, how can I know?
Spirit's upstairs banging hard on the wall.
babysitter's in a ball on the kitchen floor.
I don't got a thing figured out, but can't believe in it all.
And I don't want to hear a word about making it difficult.
I heard the altar cave when it said my name.
I have a tent stake way behind my face.
Track Name: Skeletons In The Cloner
Flourescent tubes, ears and in the mouth and you do.
Rest area, ducking out behind the men's room.
Left the one to search for 99 the shepherd can't use.
Ruined by a stretch of images and passages that I can't use.
So far, so good.
Into the yard, straight to the barn and up hill.
News of the world hiding out behind a wagon wheel.
To know the only thing to know, that watching it will change it.
And all I want is not to want and not to rearrange it.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Believe In Anything
I don't to believe in anything, but I do and I don't know why.
I heard him when he said, "Lord, bless the ones who have to give, and especially those who have none".
I can get behind most every word he ever said, because when it came to love, we had one.
But I don't want to believe in anything, but I do and I don't know why.
Some of this is true, I know because I have the proof.
But then again, that's based on how I feel.
Then I am reminded everytime the truth is not what I believe, the truth is what's real.
Track Name: I'm Not Worried
Life was full of love, and we're not often wrong, but she saw it coming from a mile off.
They won't say a word but what they think I want, so I saw it blowing up like it does.
And you went too far, and it takes too long, and you wait too long, but you find, we just might keep ourselves alive this time.
Now who can you trust?
We've all been working hard but finally it fell apart and came undone.
It's just criminal to see how the tragic stuff always seems to come to the best of us.
Track Name: Sunrise
Stay with me tonight.
Hold me so tight, it's alright.
Let's watch the sun rise.
Only sleep can keep you from me tonight.
And if I should lose you to dreams,
make sure it's me that's on your mind.
You'll be on mine.
Now it's time to say goodnight.
And if I see you in the morning I'll know why you stayed with me, and it won't be the last time.
Track Name: Don't You Blanket When That Happens
To this end, I do not have to know.
It's all in fun, but gets so personal.
I know it so well I could quote it to you now.
It's fading
fast and we'll see if I care on the day it's gone.
This old world has tried to tell us 1000 times...
we'll lay in wait and carve out a better space.
I love it when that happens.
Too fast to climb, too far to fall,
when it turns out we need it all along.
Will this end?
It seems I have to know.
It wasn't then, but now I'm volatile.
I know it so well I could quote it to you now.
It's changing fast but we'll see if I'm dead on the day it's gone.
This old world has tried to tell us 1000 times the burden's great, but it's worse when you're out of shape.
I hate it when that happens.
Track Name: I Did Not Create This Body
I did not create this body, but I certainly didn't take much care of it.
The left hand says never trust the right hand.
And the right hand says there's too much work to do to debate on everything the head and heart says.
So we'd better get to weighing it, because I do not mind saying it, it's true.
Track Name: IIIIIIIII Love A Parade
I put my hands out and wait for you to rescue me, but you are no where to be found.
And you kept your mouth closed when I would ask you where to be, so now my heart's hard and I don't trust you anymore.
What happened to my friends?
We're all cuss words and cigarettes.
I used to trust them, and I'm sure they trusted me.
But, I don't know them anymore.
Track Name: It's All Been Done, You Said
It's all been done, you said, but I don't believe in that.
I don't believe in what?
You're wasting time.
They'll hold the candle to our hands to see if we believe in that.
To see if we believe in what?
We're killing time.
But it's all well.
Track Name: You'll Have Me As Long
You'll have me as long as I'm here to be had.
And I'll never leave you alone.
I'll have you as long as you'll let me do that.
I'm happy to take you along.
All things will now remain the same.