1. The Cabinets & The Cupboards (2000-2012)
    Vic Berger IV

  2. Off We Go: More Synth Pop From 1970 -1979
    Don Muro

  3. Tougher Than Shoe Leather
    Terry Funk

  4. Only For You
    Nedelle Torrisi

  5. Dream Phone
    Mary Houlihan

  6. Enceladus
    Superstar Cruiser

  7. Selected Messages From The Badger Theater Answering Machine, 1993-1994
    The Badger Theater Answering Machine

  8. Steals the Hits Off Country Beauties
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  9. Synthesizer Pop for a New Age (1974-1978)
    Don Muro

  10. Souffrances Et Extases Du Jeune Amour
    Don Muro

  11. As Long As I've Got You EP
    Don Muro

  12. It's Time
    Don Muro

  13. Open Window

  14. Still On The Line: A Tribute To Jimmy Webb
    Various Artists

  15. Rock, Rot & Rule
    Scharpling & Wurster

  16. Taste Judge Instrumentals
    Junior High

  17. Split
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight / Honey Radar

  18. I'm Worried b/w Ken Burns' Baseball
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  19. Best of Boiler Room Classics
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  20. Best of Boiler Room Classics INSTRUMENTALS
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  21. Oscillate Wisely
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  22. Sing Starflyer 59
    Candy Claws & Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  23. Weekend Forecast
    Josh Ottum

  24. II
    Via Vegrandis

  25. LEAH
    New Terrors

  26. Solar Mirror Anthology Vol. 6
    Sound of Ceres

  27. Lay Low Day Instrumental
    Don Muro

  28. Want You to Know Instrumental
    Don Muro

  29. Split 8"
    Tim Heidecker / Moor Hound

  30. Funny Morning
    Yuuki Matthews

  31. Like A Baby b/w Tasteful Nudes
    Starflyer 59 / Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  32. We All Need Each Other: The 1968-1969 Recordings
    Don Muro

  33. IAMACEO Instrumentals
    Starflyer 59

  34. Complete Discography 1988-2002
    Thunder Lightning

  35. Dynamite Cup Theme
    LeeJay Jortlett

  36. Family Business
    Prayer Breakfast

  37. Business As Usual EP
    Prayer Breakfast

  38. Bobby & Gorilla's Theme
    Chris Schlarb

  39. Via Vegrandis
    Via Vegrandis

  40. Old Toy Trains
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight / Mick Foley

  41. Christmas Day
    Loren Connors

  42. Live at the Comedy Attic EP
    Jon Hancuff

  43. The Mike Adams Show Theme
    New Terrors

  44. Ring Entrance Theme for Professional Wrestler Jake Omen
    Dylan Ettinger

  45. Kitchen Table
    Frank Schweikhardt

  46. Kitchen Table Instrumentals
    Frank Schweikhardt

  47. Life But No More
    Frank Schweikhardt

  48. Shining Angel Of My Dreams b/w Oh Oh I Love Her So
    The Parade Schedule

  49. Missin' Out b/w Married
    Moor Hound

  50. You Don't Need To Doubt Yourself b/w Coordinate - No Nukes
    Via Vegrandis

  51. Whiten

  52. That's Itt, Cuz b/w Talk Too Much
    Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

  53. My Height In Heels
    She Does Is Magic

  54. Mother
    New Terrors